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Healthy Food Solutions for a Busy Schedule

There are several reasons why we reach for processed or unhealthy options for meals and snacks. It’s often easier to defer to these options, but with proper planning and a few simple tricks, incremental improvements can be made!

Ten ways to improve the quality of food your children (and family) eat:

  1. Set 30 minutes aside on the weekend to plan for the week ahead

  2. Cut batches of vegetables and keep them in containers in the fridge

  3. Wash whole fruit & cut melon etc. and keep them in containers in the fridge

  4. Have your child finish the contents of their lunch after school if supper isn’t ready

  5. Serve supper early if your child is hungry & defer snacks if needed for afterwards

  6. Prepare batches of homemade options that can be frozen and defrosted the night before, and remember to label everything with the date and contents

  7. Healthy snacks include whole wheat noodles or a rice cake with Natural PB

  8. Carry fruit, vegetables, and trail mix for a quick go-to option

  9. Prepare healthy smoothies and blend in spirulina, chlorella, hemp hearts, or chia for an added nutritional boost – turn leftovers into popsicles.

  10. Drink Water

Meal Plan example: (see template attached)

  • Aim to include complex carbohydrates, complete protein, and healthy fats with fruit and vegetables in each meal/snack. For Example:

  1. Breakfast: A hard-boiled egg & whole grain toast with almond butter (check ingredients: should be only almonds) & an apple

  2. Morning Snack: Hummus & whole wheat pita & raw Veggies & berries

  3. Lunch: Salad with a protein (Quinoa, Chicken, Beans…) & a cold-pressed olive oil vinaigrette, whole wheat melba toast & pear

  4. Afternoon Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with sunflower seeds & whole grain granola (made and frozen in advance)

  5. Supper: Baked salmon & brown rice & and baked asparagus & fruit salad

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