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Is your school interested in adopting a nutrition culture that engages, incentivizes and excites children to make healthier food choices?   KidNutriYum promotes nutrition and sustainability programs that supports teachers and administration, provides solutions for parents, and empowers children to feel confident and proud of the healthier choices they make!

 Developing Food Related Language

     Integrating nutrition into the curriculum

   Holiday and Other Food Art Activities  

   Theme days and programs  

 Kitchen Skills and In-Class Cooking

  Fundraising with the nutrition mindset

Studies show that nutrition has a direct impact on behavior, cognitive development, and energy levels.  We must promote healthy foods and minimize exposure to unhealthy marketing to get children interested in nutritious options.  It is not necessarily about nutrition education, but about making healthy food less scary, more exciting, and something the children are willing to eat.  Furthermore, a nutrition culture may be a differentiating factor for your school.  With success, the school could make local headlines that further promote and expose it as a leader in this realm.

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