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Introducing the New & Improved KidNutriYum!

KidNutriYum has a new appearance & features that I hope you will find interesting and helpful:

  • Twitter Updates: Breakfast, Lunch, & Supper ideas that may serve as inspiration for meal planning in your home. You can also click on “Twitter Updates” to see previous meals and follow KidNutriYum directly on Twitter.

  • Cookbooks: Some of the meals you see on the Twitter Feed come from these sources.

  • Recipes: Links to some of KidNutriYum’s favorite online recipes

  • Tags: If you are looking for information on a particular topic, simply click on the relevant tag and all articles referencing this topic will appear. Tags in larger font are most often referenced throughout various articles.

I hope you continue to enjoy what KidNutriYum has to offer, and please do not hesitate to request additional features and content. KidNutriYum is here to help you ensure that your little ones are eating right, getting the nutrients they need, and enjoying the foods they eat!

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